Friday, 1 December 2017

My Dream Holiday

This is an animated story about my dream holiday. It includes 4 people and a dog talking to each other about traveling to the moon.

Friday, 17 November 2017

My Animated Story

This is My Animated Story about two people talking about the election. I use this code on scratch to developed this story.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Bite Able - (Puberty)

Digitech - animated story presentation

This Abby and Devin presentation includes instructions and screenshots about how to create an animated story in Scratch.

This presentation is going to help me to create a animated story using codes.

Friday, 8 September 2017

DigiTech - Moana Hour of Code

 Moana Hour of Code

Throughout last week and this week my class an I had the opportunity to make our own site. On my site there is a link to my presentation. Today I learned how to use different codes to control the waka and make it move in different directions. I really enjoyed it because you can use your imagination and use different codes.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Kiwi Sport

Kiwi Sport

Today (31.08.2017) my class and I went for kiwi sports. For kiwi sports we had rippa rugby with a coach named Hamish. We played some games, then of to the skills. We learned how to step in differnet kind of orders. After all that tiring activity and training we got into a game. The rules are, You can pass forward when you have two tags, but if you only have one you have to pass the ball backwards.

Bush craft

Bush craft

On 22nd of august, 2017, Yr 7 & 8 glenbrae students had  an amazing opportunity to do a hard working activity up North at Russell. My group which was group 4 did bush craft with an instructor named Michael.  

At russell we learned how to tie knots in different kind of ways. One way is q and p knot, churkers    knot    and    the    double    knot.   All    these   will   really   tie   really   tightly.
(I Taught my Mrs Elia (Principle) how to do the q and p knot.) After we mastered all the 3 ways of the knots we went looking for some sticks.

We looked for some tinder (Which is very small sticks), Sticks size of a pencil, half a pencil, size of your pinky and your thumb. We carried as much as we could. First of all we diged a hole where we could put our wood into it. We put tinder first to start of the fire, then put a bit bigger sticks into the fire. We used matches to start the fire. My group could achieve what we were aiming for but the other groups did.

So when the fire was big and strong they put a pot full with water onto two sticks and waited for it to start boiling. After 20 to 25 mins it started boiling so the other group achieved what they were aiming for. When it was boiling they tipped it carefully with gloves into the fire and washed the fire out. Of Course there was an bucketful of water next to the fire incase the fire would kept on going.

It was an amazing opportunity and experience.

(Thank you Michael.)